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h his gestures and ●grimaces ran as follows:— “Well▓, you are a nervy fellow, yes, inde●ed! I suppose you’re only an escaped● prisoner; but you’ll be shot as a spy the mome▓nt you’re found out.You’r


e not a Russian● Nonsense! Don’t spring any such yarns on me.▓I’ve seen too many of you fellows●.You may fool these unsophisticated stay-at●-homes, but I know you as I should know m▓y own father.So would a


ny of▓ the boys who have been to the▓ front.Oh, come, stop it! It’s● no use telling me you’re an American.Tell ●that to the civilians and the policemen, ●the blockheads.It’s a migh●ty fine joke on them.B


ut we’re alone now; let▓’s be honest.You needn’t be in the least afr▓aid of me.I’m on, but I wouldn’t peach for th▓e world.But I’m afraid your▓ scheme won’t work.There is not anothe●r man besides myse


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le as the rest; but I take ●a more cosmopolitan view of life s▓ince I got these scars, and I can s▓ympathize with a man now even if ●his skin is white.” The poli▓ce interpreter came at this point ▓to take my deposition, and the sergeant pres●erved a noncommittal gravity during the in▓terview, 480though he winked twice or▓ thrice as the policeman bent over his noteb●ook.When the visitor was gone, the sol

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through ●the training camp of recruits, across t●he Sea of Japan on a crowded transport, into● the winter-bound bivouac in Manchuri▓a, on cruel forced marches to the no●rthward, into many a raging battle, to the day▓ when he fell helpless in the bottom of a trench▓.His musket stood in a corner of▓ the room.He used it often in t▓he story and took great delight in assuring ▓me that it had sent many of what he

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tures, choking ▓and gasping as a man does in the● last struggle.In comedy he was a▓s effective as in tragedy.His caricatur▓e of a Russian at his prayers was a histri▓onic masterpiece; his knowle●dge of the “Moosky” service as exact as that ▓of a patriarch. We turned in towards mid▓night and parted in the morning the b●est of friends.From Nagoya the railway tur●ned southward, and, following the old roya

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l● highway along the coast of the main is▓la

nd, gave us frequent glimpses ▓of the o